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Contribution to demineralizatora water Melad 40

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contribution to demineralizatora water Melad 40

Inexpensive ion exchange system.

Melad 40 enables low-cost manufacture of water treated in the study.

ions contaminating tap water (eg. calcium, magnesium) are exchanged for hydrogen ions or hydroxide.

thus Melad 40 automatically supplies autoclaves classes Profi Premium-Plus and S-class.

Demineralizator Melad 40 pSCI ala quickly and cheaply get high quality demineralised water. The device works on the principle of deionization and can be connected directly to the autoclave Premium, Pro and S. two-chamber system guarantees optimal use of the resin cartridge. Melad 40 may be installed directly on the autoclave, hung on a wall or placed in cabinet autoclave. With Melad 40 you can have your medical practice for the low price of high quality demineralised water.

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