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Digital Scale. pocket size. Serie 5043 200g - 0.01 g Sensitivity

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Bolsillo.Serie Digital Balance 5043.

Compact, rugged design. Precision.
Backlit touch screen.
Weighing functions, parts counting and tare.
Size: 60x60 mm

Capacity and sensitivity:
052-55043210: 100g / 0.01 g
052-55043220: 200g / 0.01 g
052-55043250: 500g / 0.1 g

NOTE: According to the current legislation in the field of “Non-automatic weighing instruments” in which the scales are included, by Order of December 22, 1994 (BOE 3/1/95), these scales cannot be used for:

  • Business transactions.
  • Calculations of rates, tariffs, taxes, salaries, compensations and other similar charges.
  • Legal Experts
  • Pharmaceutical preparation of ordered medicine, as well as analyses carried out in medical and pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Price or full amount determination in direct sales to the public and preparation of prepackaged items.


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