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The NAS - Bath nasiadowa

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bath nasiadowa

bath nasiadowa the NAS is used for bathing nasiadowych perineum and anus. The ergonomic shape allows the lessee for a comfortable treatment. Nasiadowy spraying is most often performed using water at a temperature. 26 to 30? C. Indications: haemorrhoids, cramps and stones, some gynecological diseases, cystitis, prostatitis, anal fissure. In addition, we offer a position for showers nasiadowych gynecological diseases and anus.

Accessories standard

- cleaning agent Krystalin 1 l


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800 mm

820 mm

640 mm

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The whole hydrotherapy produced in our company can be adapted to your requirements. This includes retrofitting in standard and non-standard systems, changes in numbers of nozzles or combining them into sections according to your preference. If you wish to adjust bath to meet your requirements, please contact our office.
All baths companies Technomex have a 3 year warranty with professional support service.

Accessories and color

Coloring equipment manufactured by Technomex is consistent with RAL color palette. You can order the device in one or two colors (inner - bowl, outer - housing). The following list of colors is a list of standard, optional is possible to order the device in any RAL color.

Before delivery of equipment to prepare the user space for installation, by providing connections electricity, water outflow and valves according to assembly scheme DTR for the specific device. Note - to appropriate adjusting to room conditions and facilitate service there is a possibility of choice the side of the apparatus where the switch is to be mounted.

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