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T-MP UWM - tub for underwater massage

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bathtub for underwater massage

bathtub for underwater massage TMP UWM bath is designed for classic underwater massage for children using a hose with replaceable tips or massage (for adults and children) running side jets and nozzles on the spine. Underwater massage is a form of therapeutic massage performed in the aquatic environment. The advantage of this form of massage is unloaded position to facilitate the relaxation of the patient. Appropriate reaction of the patient's mechanical stimulus is obtained by appropriate selection of the intensity of the water jet massage a particular area of ??the body. Another advantage of the bath T-MP UWM ergonomic shape and dimensions, which enables saving of water, and nozzles and systems make it possible to limit the operation of the device by medical personnel.


- hose for underwater massage
- ssytem filling
- shower

Available elements optional

- the side nozzles (nozzles 6 3 nozzles onto one page)
- nozzles spine (3 nozzles),
- pearl bath system (11 nozzles x 5) < / Span>
- automatic filling and pump protection against dry running,
- chemical disinfection system,
- electronic control panel.

Standard accessories for the bath T-MP UWM:

- cleaning agent Krystalin 1 l


250 l

2080 mm

840 mm

740 mm


The whole hydrotherapy produced in our company can be adapted to your requirements. This includes retrofitting in standard and non-standard systems, changes in numbers of nozzles or combining them into sections according to your preference. If you wish to adjust bath to meet your requirements, please contact our office.
All baths companies Technomex have a 3 year warranty with professional support service.

Accessories and color

Coloring equipment manufactured by Technomex is consistent with RAL color palette. You can order the device in one or two colors (inner - bowl, outer - housing). The following list of colors is a list of standard, optional is possible to order the device in any RAL color.

Before delivery of equipment to prepare the user space for installation, by providing connections electricity, water outflow and valves according to assembly scheme DTR for the specific device. Note - to appropriate adjusting to room conditions and facilitate service there is a possibility of choice the side of the apparatus where the switch is to be mounted.

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