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Pantomograf CS 9000 - the most advanced pantomograf

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Pantomograf CS 9000
most advanced technologically pantomograf

CS 9000 - the most technologically advanced on the market pantomograf

& # 9658; High - end audio market's most precise camera pantomograficzny
& # 9658; Adjusting the position of the fire to the shape of your face (maximum positioning simplified procedure)
& # 9658; A separate sensor for each type of imaging
& # 9658; The latest innovative technology
& # 9658; Unique autotracingu reference points and automatic treatment planning programs
& # 9658; Writing research in DICOM 3.0 and integration with DICOM
& # 9658; The software allows you to view 3D research and design treatments implant
& # 9658; The training system, support engineers, and full two-year warranty

Product Description:
& # 9658; Thanks to the unique possibility of combining three technologies: pantomografii, cefalometrii and imaging in three dimensions The CS 9000 is a perfect and complete tool for the diagnosis of intraoral.
& # 9658; The highest quality of research in the market has been combined with the versatility of the product.
& # 9658; The camera can be expanded at any time with the function cefalo or safe for the patient computed tomography diagnostic creating a unified platform.
& # 9658 ; Developed in the laboratories of the CS single exposure technology "One Shot" optimizes image quality mainly by the elimination of distortion characteristic of other techniques.
& # 9658; The acquisition takes less than a second, thereby reducing the risk of having to repeat images due to patient movement. 9000 CS C offers a wide range of formats cephalometric from full skull (30 cm x 30 cm), using standard (18 cm x 24 cm) and the small field for radiographs to minimize radiation dose.
& # 9658; In the extended version of 3D - The CS 9000 is a versatile CAT scanner ideal for implantologists (simulation positioning of implants) and orthodontics (autotracing and automatic treatment planning software).
& # 9658; Adjustable focal length perfectly assists in the positioning of adjusting automatically to the patient's morphology. Extremely simple, but fully functional software allows faster and more precise diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

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