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Kodak 8000 digital camera pantomograficzny

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Kodak 8000 digital camera pantomograficzny

& # 9658; The first fully digital panoramic camera in the world (and the acquisition of control of a computer)
& # 9658; New electronics and management system for optimum image quality diagnostics
& # 9658; Positioning a face-to-face - Extremely easy patient positioning ensures the highest quality image
& # 9658; Advanced digital image processing technology proven in Kodak RVG
& # 9658; Constant-time quality imaging and diagnosing
& # 9658; Friendly and easy for the common Kodak RVG digital imaging Kodak / Trophy

Product Description
the Kodak 8000 allows to perform extremely clear images, whether they are panoramic, segmented panoramic, or photos bays.
Images are made immediately, immediately after taking the photo we can proceed to its diagnosis and provide the optimal mode of treatment to the patient .
the camera is easy to use and yet very precise and ensures optimal exposure. Photo is performed within seconds keel.
Kodak 8000 is programmed with a computer, through an easy and intuitive interface.
the next steps allow you to choose quickly and easily all the parameters necessary to shoot.
camera is safe and comfortable - during the exposure the patient receives optimum radiation dose.
Position the patient in front of the physician facilitates the correct setting. It is more comfortable for the patient, while fewer errors due to positioning or moving subject.

advantages of the system Kodak 8000:
& # 9658; The operator has full control over the process of recording
& # 9658; The patient is not stressed out
& # 9658; Easier positioning
& # 9658; minimized risk of excessive exposure to X-rays

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