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Disposable-soluble laundry bags AquaFilm 25pcs. contaminated underwear and clothing

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Disposable bags for washing AquaFilm 25pcs.
washing contaminated linen and clothing completely soluble in water

START. 660 X 840 A200
1 PACK = 25 units. Sacks

& # 9658; Disposable completely water soluble bags for washing contaminated underwear and clothing.
& # 9658; staff eliminates the risk of infection, which occurs at the moment of contact with contaminated clothing and underwear
& # 9658; until completion of the wash cycle and drying user has no contact with the contents of the bags
& # 9658; bags and the batten is made of non-toxic water-soluble and is entirely biodegradable
& # 9658; after dissolution lack of residue that might otherwise block the laundry machine - eleminacja for cleaning and repairing equipment
& # 9658; bags washing water soluble guaranteeing effective health

completely water-soluble laundry bags.
Especially recommendable in hospitals, where the priority is to work health and safety. < / span>

Medshop.pl offers plastic laundry soluble in hot water

& # 9658; Bags for washing minimizes kontkt staff from infected underwear and obłożeniami. Until completion of the wash cycle and drying does not contact the contents of the bags.
& # 9658; Laundry bags are the most effective of the available systems to combat the risk of infection and cross-infection of patients, hospital staff and laundry workers.
& # 9658; Both bags washing and pink for tying sash are made of non-toxic water-soluble and całkoitej undergoing biodegradation. Do not arise at the same time any residues that may clog the machine washing tub, do not waste more time cleaning and repair.

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