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MELAdest distiller 65

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distiller MELA dest 65

with an air cooling system
< p> Destylarka MELAdest 65, the air cooling system does not require connection to an external water source. Ensures its autonomy 4 liter water tank. Distilled water is produced cheaply and filled to the provided device plastic container. It is then dispensed directly into the interior of the autoclave. Water obtained from Meladest 65 is devoid of calcium, silica, cationic, anionic, chlorides, and organic material. Destylarka saves the cost of production of high-quality distilled water. The apparatus is especially suited to the practice of medicine and a cosmetic surgeries as well.

necessity for the use of distilled water there is nearly in all medical practices. The best protection of the autoclave, as well as other devices, which are supplied in distilled water is to look for the best quality of the distilled water used.

Water extracted from the distiller Meladest 65 being devoid of calcium, silica, cationic, anionic, chlorides, and organic material.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions? x H.
25 cm x 38 cm

< td> 4.2 kg

0.7 liters per hour

capacity reservoir

800 Watt

230 V 50/60 Hz

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