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Blood Pressure Seca b31 channel with rubber casing + new technology

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Blood Pressure Seca channel b31

rubber housing + new technology the strength of the membrane

durability and the precision of measurement due to the perfect combination.

materials used: Very high quality materials, highly polished and aesthetically.
Technology two leads: Equilibration of pressure changes protects the measuring system.
Ergonomic: Perfect Match pears and spoons not cause hand fatigue.

seca b31 designed for particularly high demands of daily clinical work. Solid model has the same construction as seca b30, but has an additional cap for monitoring the blood pressure of a thermoplastic elastomer. This thin cap valve protects against bumps and scratches. High-quality materials ensure excellent product quality and exceptionally long life. Ergonomic solution is comfortable on the shoulder and enables the use of one hand. Continuously adjustable valve can be operated with two fingers. Delicate mechanics measuring unit is protected against fluctuations in pressure by the patented dual-channel tube. While pumping air enters the cuff, but not directly to the measuring unit. This extends the life of the pressure gauge.

cuff: double wire
valve: Chrome-plated brass, adjustable
Classification: class 1 medical device with a measuring function
the total length along with the blower 165 mm
Depth gauge: 27.6 mm
clock diameter: 48 mm < / span>
stroke membrane: 1,145 mm at 300 mmHg
Tolerance range 1%
The scale 2 mmHg
No comprises: Latex
basic materials from which the sleeve is made: chromed brass
Weight gauge: 214 g
Characteristics: chassis

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