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Automatic blood pressure ACCUNIQ BP250 with a table and seat, SELVAS Healthcare

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ACCUNIQ BP250, an automatic blood pressure meter and a seat with a table, SELVAS Healthcare

BP Blood Pressure ACCUNIQ 250 cooperates with the body composition analyzer ACCUNIQ. It is a professional, stationary instrument for measuring blood pressure. The device is extremely easy to use: The test starts with the press of a button, and instructions on testing performed to date are transmitted through voice messages. The camera is designed in a modern way, it has a safe design and rounded finish. It has a large 7-inch color LCD display and thermal printer with automatic paper cutter. The streamlined exterior design as well as a safe and simple system - all this makes the test is fast and pleasant, and the reading of the results does not make any difficulties. BP250 is the world's first pressure gauge, which displays the result of the analysis, and the QR code on the display, without the need to print the result and allows for using a smartphone or other mobile device to upload, store and display data.

Blood Pressure ACCUNIQ BP 250 It is CE and meets the requirements of MDD 93 / 42EEC in the field of medical devices.

  • stationary measuring the pressure at the shoulder
  • measuring method: oscillometric < / li>
  • large, clear LCD display
  • simple and quick start-up measurement using a single button
  • the voice guide leading through the measurement procedure step-by-step
  • fast thermal printer with automatic paper cutter
  • reversed display, which in addition to measuring blood pressure and heart rate provides BMI and the degree of obesity
  • optional magnetic card allows keeping the history of measurements
  • automatic shutdown for about szczÄ™dzania energy

    The parameters displayed on the main display:
    blood pressure (systolic, diastolic, mean, pulse pressure)

    pulse analysis (pulse waveform, assessment of blood pressure

    the parameters are displayed on the reverse:
    blood pressure (systolic, diastolic)

    pulse BMI (body mass index) - a body mass index
    the degree of obesity

    LCD display 1
    2 Magnetic card reader
    3 High-speed printer
    START button 4
    5 STOP button
    Proximity sensor 6
    Emergency stop switch 7
    Arm stand 8
    < span style = "color: # 0000FF;"> 9 Cuffs

    • oscillometric method of measuring
    • 7-inch LCD
    • guide voice < / li>
    • built-in automatic safety switch
    • printer with automatic cut paper
    • measurement range: pressure: 30 ~ 300mmHg
    • heart rate: 30 ~ 240 beats per minute
    • accuracy: pressure: +/- 2mmHg
    • pulse rate: +/- 5% of reading
    • automatic pumping < / span>
    • automatic, rapid deflation of cuff
    • power supply: 220V
    • size: 463/324 / 276mm
    • Net weight: 11 kg

      Opcionalne accessories:

      sensor RFID card magnetic card

      Wireless inverted monitor

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